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Lifeworx Journey Ltd was established in 2014, from a passion to help others seek understanding into themselves and make changes for the better: physically, mentally and spiritually.  Lifeworx combines different lineages of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Group Therapy, Pilates and Meditation for our students in various locations around Chester, welcoming all practitioners of all ages and across all demographics.

Lifeworx has a deep belief that Yoga is for everyone, and embraces community values while promoting benefits of an active life, with meaning and working towards a greater peace of mind.

Founder Jackie "Jaya" Butler, believes that once you start learning the balance of ease and effort in your body, this will spill over into your everyday life. Following years of nursing, Jaya discovered the mind-body-spirit benefits of Yoga and Pilates. She trained in New York, Classical Pilates directly with Romana Kryzanowska (learned directly from Joseph Pilates) and Bob Liekens. Jaya discovered Yoga Therapy at the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, where she was taught directly from the Founder Michael Lee. Appreciating it's value to individuals, Group Facilitation training followed and Intregral Hatha Yoga Training (Swami Satchidananda lineage).

Her unique style blends everything and Jaya offers a "personalised" assessment tailored to meet your needs. With this combination, Jaya has assisted in improving the lives of people with a variety of health conditions and life challenges. Having organised Meditation and Yoga Retreats overseas, Jaya is now offering retreats in the UK, combining everything including her sense of humour.

If you would like to know more about Jaya, Lifeworx, or our classes please call or text Lifeworx on 07725 799 392, or email [email protected].

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