Is life too busy? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn? Are you seeking a tool to help you feel calm and relaxed?

As we learn how to be quieter, we can listen in to our own inner wisdom. Scientific documentation lists some of the benefits of Meditation including:

  • Increased mental strength and focus 
  • 50% reduction in disease from boosting the immune system
  • A 75% reduction in depression and anxiety resulting in increased well-being.   
Physical health benefits include: reduced Blood pressure, boosts energy and increases longevity.

Learn how to start quieting the mind and gain benefits of Meditation. Guidance and practice is given, whilst exploring the different methods of Meditation and sharing the space with others.

This class will also explore some basic Yoga philosophy and how the ancient teachings of Yoga relate to our every day life, gaining understanding as to how these can help bring peace and happiness to you.

We use the Mind Body App. Download it HERE if you’re not already using it.

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