One to One Lifestyle Sessions

Are you wanting to make changes, but don’t know where to start?

Lifeworx offers this 12 week course, tailored to your individual needs, working 1-1 with Jaya, building upon all the principles of your spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing.  

Working with Jaya benefitted me in more ways than I could have ever realised.

Following an initial assessment, weekly sessions will provide insight to build foundations to make lasting change.These sessions will provide both support and education to start improving your life. Through combining walking, Pilates, Yoga, nutritional advice and two Yoga Therapy sessions we will begin to gain insights into your habits, which will help you make the necessary changes needed in your life.  

Initially focusing on improved heath with nutrition and fitness, you will start to notice an improvement in your overall wellbeing including reduction in stress levels, improved sleep, more energy, weight loss and living a more meaningful life.

To enquire about one to one sessions please fill on the contact form on this page or email [email protected]

We use the Mind Body App. Download it HERE if you’re not already using it.

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