Posted on 16-09-2016

Facing your Fears

I helped organize an International Yoga Festival, and here is what I learned.

We had no idea what we were doing, but we worked together and figured it out.   It was amazing to put Yoga principles into practice at the start of meetings, bringing in spiritual yoga elements, (Yogic philosophy) into every day life.  When challenges came, it was a good reminder we are all human.

I was devastated when at short notice, I could not attend the Friday, yet it turned out as a gift, helping my energy levels.   I was asked to do an interview on the TV with an International Kirtan teacher, David Newman, (Durga Das), Kirtan comes from the devotional branch, know as Bhakti Yoga .    I said yes, but then started doubting myself.  He was so kind, supportive and encouraging, reminding me to talk from my heart on what I am passionate about: Yoga and encouraging everyone to give it a try, I was nervous, yet authentic and it turned out great.

Despite the hard work in organizing, it was an amazing event, opportunity to learn from teachers with decades of experience.  I grew as an individual and within a team.   There are so many more elements of Yoga, I encourage anyone to attend a larger event.

As I learned more about my energy levels, it also helped shape the type of yoga teacher I was to become.  I was studying integrity as an “observance”, and was influenced by Swami Asokananda, (Satchidinanda lineage).    The teachers and organisers came together for a Curry night, and whilst my daughter was sandwiched between adults and could not get out, I was inspired at how he noticed this and offered and brought her some pudding.

He lived thoughtfulness, mindfulness, kindness, integrity, calmness plus he had a sense of humour, that I decided to train under the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidinanda, at the Ashram in Virginia.  A decision I have never regretted.

There was more growth and lessons than hard work, so I joined the team two years later, met even more amazing International and local teachers, and even had a 1-1 Beltane ceremony performed for me by one of them.   If you ever get an opportunity to help out in a project that pushes you beyond your comfort zone/edge, I say “go for it”, the positives win every time, facing your fears is a chance to grow. 

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