Posted on 24-03-2020

What a crazy time!

We talk recognising ‘old ways’ that can lead to tension, self care and Lifeworx online.

Coronavirus. All these constant changes around me. How does this impact my life? Everyone around me, all I care about? Has the world gone mad? Surely this cannot be happening?

I ‘went around the houses’, until I was once again reminded to get into my body - therein lies all the answers. When it gets crazy, I revert back to ‘old ways’, and become unglued.  This ‘dis-ease’ was showing up in my body. I was holding stress, new aches/pains and tension. I sat with it, explored it, made notes, shared with others, reflected, and asked myself, what was the most important thing now?

Self care

I consider not only my personal health, but also that of my loved ones - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

What about the community? What can I do?

I am committing more time to listening to my body, stepping back, looking at the big picture and figuring out the next steps.  I was reminded that old ways creep in during times of stress, and there is no need to give myself a hard time.  

How do I share this personal experience, with others? I can’t be alone in reverting to old ways in time of stress? The existing clients at Lifeworx Therapy room cannot now attend, how do I support them? What can I offer?  What needs to change?

So, using the Yoga Therapy process of listening to my body, listening to my own wisdom, acknowledging fear and concern, and freshening up my online skills, I am now ready to reach out to my clients, and all those who need and share the amazing process of Yoga Therapy.

NOW, I can now offer online, 1-1 Yoga Therapy, plus the 8-week course on ‘Stress & Navigating Change’ with group support

What would support you best right now?

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We are in this together, let’s support each other - Jaya

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