Posted on 27-02-2020

What’s Been Happening

As you may have noticed, a newsletter is well overdue. 2016-2019 was a major period of transition.

Both professionally and as a family, we decided to leave Bermuda and return to live in Chester, UK, July 2016. Initial ideas were to open our own Yoga studio and have the dedicated space to share Yoga therapy, classes and Pilates.

The enormity of this, and realization that being a studio owner/manager would prevent me from providing the work, we decided to hold off on this idea. Transitioning to the UK was full of changes. Being born British, assumptions were made for settling back, yet we quickly realized that whilst the UK had changed somewhat, we had changed more.

It was my personal yoga practice that was my foundation, along with my family and Baha’i Faith that saved me. I gradually grounded back in, and started to figure out what mattered to myself, husband and daughter. Michael travelled to India and completed his basic Yoga training, and convinced me to study there (I didn’t need much encouragement) and I embraced the culture and environment as I grew through Intermediate training in Southern India, in January 2018.

I taught some classes in yoga, returned to the USA for short periods to help mentor other Phoenix Risers in training, whilst seeing a few individual clients in the UK. Michael was inspired to find ways to help others improve their health so in November 2017 we took over a small health store, The Granary, Chester.

Whilst embracing all that the UK has to offer, reconnecting with nature and the great outdoors, I continued to search for which direction “Lifeworx” needed to go.  I connected with the Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio, Saltney over the summer of 2019 and took over a Therapy Room, opening up January 6th 2020.

Here I feel I have found the balance, space to share individual Yoga therapy, 1-1 Pilates and 1-1 Yoga students. It for now feels more “bite sized”, allowing me to concentrate on individuals and keep my focus there. Michael has expanding the health store moving to a new location next door to The Granary, and we plan a therapy room there so I can see clients in central Chester.

The journey continues to unfold. 

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