Posted on 01-08-2016

Self Discovery and Growth

My biggest growth in life came from embarking on the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training, in Bristol, Vermont.  The biggest learning was personal insights, and how to be kinder to myself.

The curriculum included a daily yoga practice and meditation, it was a first for me to take time to really listen in to my own body, and act on what it told me.

By backing off and doing less, I discovered I had more energy and my physical practice advanced, the opposite of what I had always thought.

The environment and principles of a Yoga Therapy session are about “Unconditional Positive Regard”, and it was amazing to be truly acknowledged and met where I was, without judgment, in a supportive way.   By removing criticism, I was able to start being kind and non judgmental towards myself, and then others, a better way of being.

How often do we really take the time to explore our beliefs and decided whether they work for us, or is it time to change some.  It helps to break out of our normal routine to do this.

Using this method of using the body to listen in to the mind and emotions is unique, and to hold space for others to explore has brought depth and meaning to my own life.

Plans are beginning to bring Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training to the UK in 2017, keep alert for updates.


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